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As a China scholar-turned-filmmaker, my goal has been to make some small contribution to mutual understanding between China and the western world. 


For years I ran a documentary fixing company called the China Fixers, helping many western productions film in the country. In recent years, I've focused more on producing and co-producing projects myself alongside a team of producers and creative talents within China.  

Me and my colleagues produce films across the country, and sometimes help producers broaden the scope of their films by developing China stories and sequences. We do permissions, visas, shooting – all the way to delivering subtitled edits. Our basic philosophy is that there's lots of room to make producing film in China both more relaxed and more streamlined at the same time. 


In 2020, me and my team were some of the first producers to make character-driven documentaries from inside locked-down Wuhan. We later followed the director of the Chinese CDC as he raced to develop COVID-19 vaccines. Throughout the year, we produced many of the China stories that ended up on western TV, all made with local crews under my supervision. 


If your goal is to make a film and/or radio documentary that contributes to public knowledge of China, I'm interested in talking with you! Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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